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Ostia International School


At OIS our main aim is to promote an innovative programme which encourages the spontaneous learning of 2 languages in a “learning by doing“ environment.

At OIS we value the individuality of each child and his/her personal contribution to the learning environment. By offering a tailor-made programme that is adapted to each individual’s multiple intelligences, and by adopting a variety of teaching methods, we ensure that every student reaches their full potential.



Our mission is to teach the English National Curriculum alongside the Italian state curriculum through a diverse, tailor-made programme which encourages international mindedness and aims to help its students to become life-long learners.

Our students learn through a variety of study methods and are taught to work both independently and in teams, learning skills which will support them presently and in the future. They are helped to recognise, discover and celebrate their individual intelligences and talents.

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The teachers at OIS are qualified, experienced and highly skilled professionals and are either Italian or English mother tongue.
In order to facilitate the development of the two languages and to avoid confusion, each teacher speaks to the students in their own mother tongue language.
The turn-over of teaching and auxiliary staff is low, most staff members having worked for between 3 and 10 years at OIS.

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Administrator: Ing. Maurizio Conti

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Miss. Anna Paola Conti - School Director

I am the founder and Director of Ostia International School. During my years of experience in education, I also founded and directed ‘Elefantino Bianco’, ‘La Caricadei 101’ and ‘Elefantino 2’.
My mission is to motivate children in their learning.

Miss. Lisa Cassey Williams - Director of English

I was born in North Wales and I have lived in Italy since the year 2000.
My passions are singing and trekking.
I decided to become a teacher when I was four years old! I realize how lucky I am to be doing a job that I love.

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Miss. Britt Inger Gronoset Nota - Executive Secretary

I am Swedish and I have worked in Italy since 1988. I have 2 children, born in Rome. I am passionate about my job and I practice a lot of sport in my spare time.
It is my pleasure to welcome families to our school and to give them all the information and help they need during enrolment and throughout their time at OIS.

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Miss. Giulia Proietti - Art Teacher

I was born in Rome, the most beautiful city in the world.
To me teaching art means stimulating children’s sensitivity, improving their skills, encouraging curiosity, and developing in them an interest in works of art, from a young age. I also have a Masters degree in the organization of cultural events and I am involved in the organization of all school trips, national and international.


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Miss. Claudia Faraone - Didactic Coordinator

My mission as a teacher, and my lesson planning, reflect my studies, and my continued professional development training. This guarantees the quality teaching and high standard of learning offered at OIS.

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Miss. Monica Iori - Italian Teacher

I like my students to investigate, to ask questions, to explore, to experiment and to gain hands-on experience. Only in this way can learning become knowledge. Only in this way can students develop life-long skills.


Miss. Martina Latini - Italian Teacher

I work to create a positive and calm environment in which my students can learn and grow with enthusiasm as they discover who they are and find out about the world around them.

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Miss. Silvia Colanchecchi - Physical Education

Hello. I am Silvia and I am a young physical education teacher. I have been working with children since 2013. I have been passionate about sport since I was a little girl and my goal is to transmit the same love and dedication to my students.

Mr. Giulio Nanni - Music Teacher

My teaching philosophy is unique in Italy.
To me teaching music through a holistic approach is an inspiring experience and the best way to expose children to the language of music and the range of musical instruments. It encourages children to want to discover their individual talents.


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Miss. Nadia Bughrara - English Teacher

Hello. My name is Nadia and I was born in Rome to an English mother and a Libyan father. I have a degree in Humanities and English Language. I spent many years teaching Year 1 at Ostia International School and I am now delighted to be progressing through Primary School with my pupils.
I enjoy reading and drama.

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Miss. Angie P. - English Teacher

With over ten years of teaching experience I believe in creating a safe environment for my students where they can feel free to express themselves and continue learning outside the classroom.


Miss. Lauren Nicole Thomas - English Teacher

I have been teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage  for the past 20 years and still, preschoolers never cease to amaze me!  The most rewarding part of teaching is observing how the children work together, continually developing their personal, social and emotional skills and encouraging them to become confident learners.


Mr. Liam Robert Barker - English Teacher

I have been teaching in international schools for 7 years and helping children discover the English language has always been an incredibly rewarding experience. I think the best part of teaching is hearing my students laugh whilst they are learning.

school assistants

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Miss. Melanie Perugini - Infant School Assistant

I was brought up in a bilingual family, my dad is Italian and my mum is English.
I love teaching children, who brighten up my every day.

auxiliary staff

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Miss. Tamineh Ardalan - Cook

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Miss. Silvia Signoretti - Lunchroom Assistant

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Miss. Teresina Carè - Lunchroom Assistant

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Miss. Paola Tagliarino - Lunchroom Assistant



We are situated between the pinewood and the sea, making OIS a smog free oasis for its students.
The three floors lead off into our eight classrooms which vary in size to accommodate smaller and larger classes.
Our Nursery and Reception classes are situated on the ground floor, the first floor consists of the school canteen and the other infant classrooms and the junior classrooms are positioned on the second and third floors.
The school gardens vary in shape and size and we use each garden depending on the age groups and the activities planned. The gardens are divided into a soft play area, 2 lawns, a paved playground and a carpeted terrace.

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Why Choose Ostia International School

An important step towards a lifetime of possibility.

Our school motto ”Rise & Shine” reflects what we want for our students. Each of us has something to offer and we all deserve the possibility to demonstrate and put to good use our personal skills.

Ask for Further Information

We inform all families that registration is open of the school year 2022-23. In view of the current legal provisions, which impose a limited number of pupils per class, we invite you to do so as soon as possible.
If interested, please make an appointment with the school secretary, clicking on the button below or sending an email to info@ostiainternationalschool.it.
During the meeting, the coordinator, or the person in charge of the bilingual program, will explain our curriculum directly to you.

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