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School life

The friendly, respectful environment at OIS is evident to visitors. We are an extended family with an ‘open door’ policy. We work in harmony as a team to reach our common goal.

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other curricula activities

Introduction to sport, art, drama and music

The subsidiary subjects are considered as valuable as the core subjects at our school. The importance of reading, writing and arithmetic cannot be questioned and our students are well prepared in both Italian and English. It is however, often through the arts, music and sport that children discover their talents, who they are and what they enjoy. The confidence that this builds is influential to relationships with family and friends and to happiness and success at school.
Learning through the subsidiary subjects often involves discipline, it can take time to notice improvements and students find that regular practice is usually the key. The patience that they learn to adopt in pursuit of their goals is another vital skill in life.
Students may find that these subjects can help them to overcome obstacles in other aspects of school life and indeed life in general. They can serve as a stress release and generate positive energy during an intense school day. Students may also realize that nothing of value comes to us without effort and without taking risks.
Our students are given opportunities during the school year to demonstrate the skills they develop, sharing their work and their achievements with others.



The aim of our art programme is to develop and maximise the student’s ability to appreciate and understand images and works of art, expressing themselves and communicating creatively through a ‘hands-on’ approach.
These skills are vital in order for students to develop an interest and love of the art surrounding them in Italy.

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At OIS, our students are not only offered an understanding of musical theory and notation but are also taught to sing in a choir consisting of two or more voices.

In the first few years of music lessons at OIS, the children explore rhythm and learn to play percussion instruments.

From Year 4, the keyboard is used to represent the various instruments of an orchestra.

The maestro writes pieces of music for each instrument and each child plays his/her part in the representation.

The end result is the creation of a polyphonic piece in which the notes played by the children combine to make a harmonic melody fit for a real concert!

ois music



Physical exercise is an important aspect of the curriculum at OIS.
The focus is the children’s understanding of the importance of the combination of sport and healthy lifestyle. They learn to work and play collaboratively as a team and discover that team work is an invaluable tool in life.

ois sport



At OIS we value drama for its ability to give children the possibility to express themselves freely. There is much evidence to show the positive impact drama can have on raising standards and improving key competencies in schools and we have had first hand experiences of students growing in confidence and building self-esteem through drama.

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ois around the world

School Trips

OIS organises school trips in Italy and abroad to the most important local artistic and cultural sites, to theatre shows and art exhibitions and on outdoor excursions to places of natural interest.
These trips support the didactic programme and allow our students to make important connections between what they learn at school and the world around them.
They encourage independence and prepare students to create their own identity.



During the summer months, our Year 5 and Year 6 classes are offered the opportunity to visit somewhere of interest in our beautiful country. These 4 or 5 action packed days are enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

Ois Italian School Camps



Our trips abroad are a full immersion into English. The students enjoy an adventure, learning about the culture of another country, socializing with other international students and communicating in English.

ois school trips abroad


special education

Special education programmes offer students the possibility to learn through a flexible, tailor-made programme of study.

Every student is given the possibility to reach their full potential in an environment which enables them to do their personal best.

This personalization acts as a tool which allows students to learn through teaching strategies which meet their individual learning needs.

OIS creates personalized education programmes for students with special educational needs. The school is supported by a Special Needs Advisor, on request.

Where possible, in specific circumstances and at an additional cost, extra support after school may be organized for children with more complex special educational needs.

Why Choose Ostia International School

An important step towards a lifetime of possibility.

Our school motto ”Rise & Shine” reflects what we want for our students. Each of us has something to offer and we all deserve the possibility to demonstrate and put to good use our personal skills.

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